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Knives with the N&L Knives logo belong to the custom segment in the knife industry and are made by hand. The workshop was created by two knifemakers, United by the idea of creating stunning knives in a limited and exclusive series, constantly experimenting with a combination of classic shapes, premium materials and steels, not forgetting to put part of your soul into each knife. Many of the knives are created exclusively in a single copy, which uses the author’s technique of hand engraving on metal using titanium, copper, gold and silver, turning them into collectible works of art. The production time of such knives can reach up to six months. The workshop is limited in the number of knives produced-10-15 PCs. per month, since almost all stages of creating a knife use manual labor, thereby making each knife unique and individual.

For blades, powder steels from leading world manufacturers are mainly used, as well as Damascus steels. Popular titanium alloys, author’s carbon and other exotic materials are used for knife handles.

Masters of N & L Knives create the design of each knife with a special approach: an idea is born, it is discussed and processed, it is filled with meaning, detailed, and brought to a logical, perfect image. Often you have to draw dozens of sketches, which later become part of the design. On many exclusive projects, the N & L Knives team works not days and weeks, but months, painstakingly creating a perfect, unique knife. Each exclusive knife from N & L Knives is hundreds of hours of manual labor, it’s a long way from idea to implementation in metal.

All knives from N & L Knives are ground and sharpened by hand using a Japanese sharpening tool. After assembling the knife, it is checked and rebuilt, also manually. At all stages of creating a knife, control is performed to exclude errors.

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